Heads Off


Go on an unusual journey as a disembodied head


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Heads Off is a rather strange two dimensional arcade platformer, in which your character is a disembodied head that moves through the levels by yelling. Your objective? Go as far as you can through dangerous levels full of cliffs and other obstacles.

Heads Off has a very simple control system: just tap the screen to yell. With every yell, shout, and scream, the head will move in the opposite direction. Try and get past all the obstacles with this one move!

You might find spirits as you wander though the levels, collect them to unlock new characters to play with. Although you begin the game with a single, bald head, there's many more to unlock with loads of different hairstyles.

Heads off is a very original game, with fun and addictive game mechanics, decent graphics, and a very interesting storyline. Watch some of the most important events in the head's life as you advance though the levels!

Android 4.1 or higher required